Sunday 19 September 2010

Far Skies Deep Time e.p release date

The Poole and The Aub have finally completed the mixes for the Far Time Deep Skies e.p, shortly before The Aub had to dash off and do the live sound for the Spock's Beard european tour. Jim Trainer has been finishing off the images for the artwork. Greg and I have been busy preparing promotional material for the release. Things like this...

Ladies & Gentlemen
Far Skies Deep Time e.p 
will be released on
25th October 2010
Please note
For the first two months of release
the e.p will only be available to people who are on 
the Big Big Train mailing list
Join the mailing list at 

I've been running on silent in blog-land for the past couple of weeks because we (my family and I) are in the long and drawn out process of moving home. I finally reached the point where I had to dismantle and box up my studio earlier on in the week. I have been recording in a converted attic room for the last six years and although it may convey a romantic, poetic image to the casual reader... in reality it gets very closed in when I stand up. Often resulting in me either banging my head, the headstock of my guitar or both. Not for much longer though my friends because by the end of this week, I shall have a proper designated room in the new place. Hurrah!

Once upon a time, when I was younger and the world appeared to be much simpler, I seemingly had plenty of time to do things that did not revolve around the demands of offspring and the increasingly time-thirsty world of work. I had time to sing and play music at my leisure...

Earlier on this year, a bout of laryngitis had taken it's toll on my voice and in order to pull out all the stops for the Far Skies Deep Time vocal sessions I began giving my voice a regular work out. I vowed to keep up the pace and practice religiously.

David Longdon: 'Sea & Sky' Aug 2010
Photograph by Amy Mumford

So, cassock on and prayer shawl in hand I have been stealing occasional moments when I can run through a few things and blow the cobwebs off my vocal chords and get my fingers moving across the fretboard.

Afterwards, I feel entirely euphoric. I have now performed quite a few sets for Jerry and Beavis*

Got to go. Must put more things in boxes.



*My two nonchelant cats.