Tuesday 13 March 2012

It's that time once again...

English Electric is nearly ready to head off into Aubitt to be mixed and mastered. Andy Poole is furiously preparing the files and tweaking the initial working mixes to get them ready for their final transformation.

For Greg and I this is the eerie bit. We've been full on writing, arranging and performing. Musicians have added their invaluable contributions and notched everything up with each inspired addition. Time is ticking, the mixing deadline looms and then ...........................................

All is still....... calmer at least..... or so it seems.
It is an illusion. The focus has just...shifted - elsewhere.

It's a bit like that feeling you get when you have come to the end of a gripping novel x1000.  Energy, time, emotion and money has been lovingly poured into the making of the album from all concerned. Once the making comes to an end, it changes. It becomes defined. Then upon release, it becomes something else again.

English Electric has been a long haul. It is a double album and it has been a huge undertaking. I wonder what listeners will make of it on release?

We are collating performance credits for inside the CD booklet. We are listening back through the working mixes to make sure the lyrics that will be also printed in the booklet are accurate. It is an odd thing to finally hear and see English Electric come to life.

A journey from the mind into the tangible, audible world.