Wednesday 17 November 2010

Watcher of the Far Skies...

Far Skies Deep Time is now out there in the world and many fine people are saying some very fine things about it. I'd like to thank all Big Big Train Spotters for the continued support and best wishes you've sent our way. 

I've been rather quiet blog-wise recently. I've been busy delving into my past... my past... my past........

I've always felt a little uncomfortable talking about my Genesis vocalist auditions because it was a big deal for me at the time and it was something I had to move on from when it was over. It was something I thought I had moved on from.

To be honest, I think I've avoided taking the time to look back and properly reflect upon it. It's been a fair few years now since it happened and my modern life in the 21st century is so busy with family life, work stuff and Progressive Rock shenanigans... it's tricky finding the time.

Gregory Spawton is rather keen on Genesis (as some of you may know) and he has on occasion, gently asked me about the recordings I made with them, only to be answered with grunts and scowls. As far as I was concerned it's history. Over and done... 

One silver morning Greg said that Mario Giammetti, a notable Italian journalist, wanted to interview me concerning my experience auditioning and working with Genesis on Calling All Stations. Mario is the guiding light of Dusk Magazine (an Italian Genesis enthusiasts publication) 

Mario's many questions were detailed and made me carefully consider the order of events. So I've been going back through old cassettes, diaries and pictures from that period. I knew it was going to be a huge task because once you take the lid off something like this, one thing leads to another and more questions are born. 

Despite my initial worries about raking through old memories, I found the whole experience very cathartic. Mario was fabulous and I came away from it feeling like I've addressed a few issues, had my say and lain a few ghosts to rest.

The interview will be available in Italian in Dusk magazine. For those of you who do not speak Italian (myself included) there will eventually be a link established to direct the curious to an english translation of the article.

When it's available I'll post it here.


Photograph of David Longdon by Amy Mumford, August 2010