Friday 8 October 2010

Exploring New Spaces & Reinventing Ourselves

Not long now until the e.p release date and so it's all systems go! The publicity is in place, the layout of the artwork is being finalised and the Far Skies Deep Time mixes have been given one final loving polish.

Some BBT spotters have wondered how the Brel element on Far Skies Deep Time will sound. Although The Wide Open Sea features a trace of the late Jacques Brel as the narrator, please don't expect me to be singing in the style of Mr. Brel. I've also tried to resist the urge to break into an outrageous Belgian/French accent! 

I've now managed to set up my music production equipment in our new family home. There is beauty and simple pleasure to be found in planing the signal flow and layout of various pieces of hardware. 

My family and I have been busying ourselves unpacking the boxes that we recently packed so frantically and discovering the tempo and heartbeat of our new surroundings. Exploring the new spaces and reinventing ourselves. Learning how we will live... here. 

The alchemy of the internet has eventually been established over this last weekend and emails emerge from Mr. Spawton and Mr. Poole, aboard the Big Big Train.

Big Big Train July 2010 
Left to right:- Andy Poole, Dave Gregory, Greg Spawton & David Longdon
Photo by Amy Mumford

Full steam ahead lads!