Monday 25 July 2011


Kingmaker came out earlier this month as an exclusive track for Classic Rock Presents Classic Prog Magazine. It was recorded to replace Master of Time on the Russian version of our Far Skies Deep Time e.p

Inside the magazine on the CD track and artist listing page there is a small picture of Andy, Dave, Greg, Nick and I, taken by Neil Palfreyman during a photo shoot at Winchester Cathedral last December. It all looks very Hogwarts.

We (BBT) have a string recording session in London on the 9th of August. Andy Poole and I will be at Regal Lane Studio with the very capable Ken Brake at the helm. Abigail Trundle and her quartet will be performing the parts for two new songs that will be on English Electric called Leopards and A Boy in Darkness.

I am over the moon to announce that the string arrangements on these songs have been written by my dear old friend and mentor Louis Philippe (Philippe Auclair

I'll take some photographs and keep you posted.



  1. A video of the sessions would be cool?
    And, what are the songs about David?

    Good luck with the session, Jim

  2. hi david!

    ah, a dream comes true! :-)
    louis philippe and bbt together - i too am over the moon!
    can't wait to hear the results! should be astonishing!!!

  3. Hello Jim, Hello Claus,

    Jim: I'll see what I can do re: a video. I will post blogs detailing what each song is about once we've decided on a track running order. The string session at Regal Lane should be good fun and in addition to this, we've got a vocal tracking session at Aubitt at the end of August. Hope all is well with you and yours Jim.

    Claus: One of the songs will really suit Philippe's style and the other track is a little more challenging. I'm pleased that you're pleased Claus. I think the results will be interesting.

  4. yep, interesting indeed!

    and while you're with louis tell him he should please us with a new album in the near future - it's been too long! ;-) although the ocean tango album was very good. but a proper louis philippe album is something else! :-)