Saturday 4 January 2014

Thank you

This post is just to say a big big thank you to all those who voted for me in the male progressive rock vocalist category in PROG magazine. I am very honoured and deeply flattered to have been voted number one.

I would like to thank Greg and Andy for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the music of Big Big Train back in 2009. I also doff my cap to my talented band mates aboard the Big Big Train for their musicality and arrangement skills. Big Big Train is a fantastic canvas to work with because it affords us the flexibility to bring the storytelling within the material to life.

Congratulations  also to Nick D'Virgilio for being voted in sixth place in the drummers category, BBT for being voted second best band and Full Power being voted fifth place in album of the year.

The Underfall YardFar Skies Deep Time & English Electric - what a fantastic ride it has been! Here's to what comes next.

It looks like 2014 has already got off to a great start. Thank you very much.




  1. Great news David and fully deserved by all in the band. Looking forward to the next album.

    Good luck with the planned live dates - can't wait!

  2. Wholly deserved, David!! At the present, I regard you as the most interesting voice in progressive music nowadays. Enjoyed all of your works, you and BBT rock!! Greetings from Italy and from a "colleague"!! :-)

  3. Thanks to you for your art, for your music.

  4. Thank you, all of you for your kind comments.

  5. Alessandro has nailed it! Love your voice, love your work.. Thank you David!

  6. Because you're worth it!!! Cheers!