Tuesday 27 April 2010

Master of Time Pt. 2

I've added the banjo, church organ and swift analogue synthesiser to Master of Time. I've also done a flute solo to link the harmonium part into the quick synth section.

The audio files are separated and they'll soon be off down to The Poole in Bournemouth to be added into protools.

I used the verse melody from The Wide Open Sea on the end section of Master of Time. played as a string line, to link it in with the e.p theme.

And finally...

edited images from our ss Great Britain photo shoot have been sent to Greg and Andy, so once we've decided which ones to go with, new pictures of BBT will shortly be appearing on our various sites.


  1. Loving all the Steam punk pictures Dave I must say I love the whole art style.

  2. I've just heard the demo. The old Genesis fans are going to wet their pants on hearing this one. The flute solo is great! I don't think this is how Genesis would have realised the song but it's just beautiful.

    I'm sure Ant would be very pleased with it.