Friday 23 April 2010

Master of Time

Yesterday I received a rough mix from Greg and Andy of our version of Anthony Philips excellent Master of Time. The lead and backing vocals along with Fat Billy Shouts Mine (see excerpt Fat Billy Shouts Mine Taster) were recorded at the close of The Underfall Yard tracking sessions back in the summer of 2009.

So far I've added a music box accompaniment to go with Greg's beautiful guitar introduction and some church organ at the end of the choruses. I'm thinking of using a banjo in the bridge and adding some rampant analogue synthesiser when it all kicks off later in the arrangement.

The song is a demo featured on the remastered and expanded version of Anthony's The Geese and the Ghost album. If you've not heard it, it's well worth listening to.


  1. I must say Dave I'm liking the sound of the exert I must admit Id never listened to the BBT stuff beyond The title track from the latest album on the bands website. I relies now that was a huge mistake on my part not to order the album then and there but having just heard "The last train" on Youtube I'm totally blown away by it my only regret that I did not give it a proper listen before and for that I'm sorry.I will be ordering my copy of the album as soon as I can. :)

    In other news I thought I'd hop aboard the blogging train
    is the link if you wish to check it out. :)

    See you Tuesday Dave and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for your help today Harry. You're a star!

    Thanks for your kind words and support. I'll check out your blog too.

  3. A very low profile song to choose for a cover version, but a good choice - especially for your voice - I think. Geese and the Ghost is a great album. Ant was writing some excellent songs at that period in his career, but he's not the best of vocalists. The song doesn't feel finished and it will be nice to hear a "finished" version.

    Good luck, Jim.

  4. I've added the instruments i planned to add earlier on in this post. In some ways it's about forgetting the original and treating it like a BBT song.

  5. Echolyn did a great version of an early Genesis song from Genesis to Revelation where they did the same, and made it there own. Likewise, Kevin Gilbert's version of Back in NYC is very different - perhaps the definitive version?

    By the way I love the clock images.

  6. I've heard and like Echolyn's version of When The Sour Turns To Sweet and also Kevin Gilbert's Back in NYC.

    Greg introduced me to the Master of Time demo on the extended version of Ant's album and it sounded full of possibilities. I've tried to contribute instrumentation that is not typically associated with Ant & Genesis.