Thursday 10 June 2010

Accordion On!

I've recorded some accordion on Fat Billy Shouts Mine as requested by Mr Spawton. It suits it very well.

I braved the west midlands car park, lovingly known as the M6 (both ways) and set off to Hobgoblin at The Custard Factory in Birmingham UK to collect it.

Thanks go out to Mark who works there (he plays a mean accordion and you can see him on the left in the picture included in the above link ) for being so helpful and making sure I bought a suitable 'box' for recording.

It is easy enough to record and it will be heard on The Wide Open Sea and possibly Brambling too. All the above tracks will be featured on Big Big Train's  Far Skies Deep Time e.p due out later this year.

WARNING: It is not advisable to play the accordion naked! I've not tried it but it struck me as being an unwise thing to do.


  1. Too late Dave I've already tried it agggghhh

  2. Andy just sent me the Far Skies demo - it all sounds wonderful. Wasn't sure about the accordion when I read the post, but it works very well. The track Wide Open Sea is totally awesome, a real classic.

  3. Pleased you like Far Skies... rough mixes.

    Yes, the mention of an accordion can strike terror into some listeners but it's a question of how it's used.

    The Wide Open Sea is an epic but in a different way to The Underfall yard (track). Using an accordion was part of the character the piece is about, so that's possibly why it works.

    The accordion parts are textural with the occasional melody thrown in. So hardcore accordion polka enthusiasts may be disappointed.