Monday 28 June 2010

Big Big Thing: Part 1

We (BBT and our significant others) converged in Wales back in April to have a weekend away and discuss future plans.

I'd been listening to The Wall over the Easter period. The title of my first blog entry makes a nod towards it.

Over the past few years I've been listening in depth to classic concept albums, Thick As A Brick, Tommy, S F Sorrow, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway etc (there were many others and I'm sure you all have your own choices in mind......) and considering what it is about these albums that makes them work so well.

It was during our welsh weekend that Big Big Train decided to do something on a grand scale. A big big thing. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I would have loved to work again with Jerry Hope. Jerry would have been perfect for such a collaboration. His superb imagination, his way with words and his storytelling. Sadly not to be...

Instead I've done a great amount of thinking about the conversations Jerry and I had. The books that Jerry and I shared with each other including such gems as   Iain Banks' The Bridge, Robert Holdstock's Mythago Wood, Alasdair Gray's Lanark: A life in Four Books, Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius books. (Jerry and I were both, more than a little in love with Una Persson)

The project is coming together and I'll keep you posted as things develop.




  1. Hi, I'm a 20yr old boy form Spain, who had lost the hope of feeling deep inside new music, as it happens with 70's prog bands like Genesis, Yes, PFM, Gino Vannelli and many others.. and I would like to thank BBT for giving me that wonderful sensations I thought they were over... And I beg you to keep working, all of you are making such an AMAZING job... you've got a faithful friend in Spain :)

    Hernán Sosa

  2. Hello Hernan,

    I'm pleased you're enjoying the music.

  3. Hi David,
    what does mean 'We (BBT and our significant others)' today? Greg, Andy & You are in the inner core, Nick & Dave in the outer core? Or is BBT grown to a really 5-man-Band?

    Is it possible to pre-order English Electric / Station Masters?


    1. Hello Suzanne, sorry for the late reply, I just found your message.

      In the original post [back in June 2010] we [BBT:-Andy, Greg Me and our wives] had gone to Wales for a weekend break. Back then the core consisted of the three of us.

      After TUY and during the making of FSDT Nick and Dave officially joined the band - making BBT a 5 piece band.

      The pre-order for EE Part 1 is happening in July 2012.

      If you check the BBT website, all the details will be there.

      If you are interested in comments straight from us and BBT fans, there is also a lively Big Big Train Facebook group where we regularly post comments and responses.

      You can't pre-order SM yet because we're still in the process of making it.

      We've got EE part 1 out in Sept and part 2 happening in early 2013.

      Hope this answers your questions Suzanne

      Best regards