Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Feeding the tortoise

Okay, now that I'm getting the hang of this blogging malarkey, I thought I'd feed the tortoise and have another go at it

All concerned at BBT: Central Station are busy writing, arranging and doing lots of pre-production to material that will be featured on our new e.p which will be released later on this year. The new material is not intended to be the follow up to The Underfall Yard (English Electric will address that particular chestnut) it's been about us exploring writing together and reaching out into some unexpected areas.

Greg and Andy have really welcomed me into the fold since joining the band back in January 2009 and it's been a natural progression... no pun intended.

The great thing is,  it's only the beginning


  1. Looking forward to more posts Dave :)

  2. Me too Harry, thanks for setting the ball rolling