Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Genesis Revelations

In the last days of 2010, I was interviewed for DUSK magazine (an Italian Genesis enthusiasts publication) by Mario Giammetti. The interview centres around:-

  • My involvement with Genesis.
  • Their search for a replacement lead singer.
  • The initial recording sessions for the Calling All Stations album.
  • My early work and the Wild River album. 
  • My recent work with Big Big Train and the release of our Far Skies Deep Time ep.

The interview came out in the Christmas edition of DUSK (in Italian). I am pleased to announce that the interview is now available in English. 

If you are curious and would like to read it, please click here



Photograph of David Longdon by Amy Mumford:- Aug 2010


  1. very interesting. thanx for sharing these memories. one does wonder how genesis would have evolved with you as singer. but then again: now we have your wonderful collaboration with big big train - i think that's even better! :-)

  2. Andy and I drove up to that gig at the NEC. We may have even been sitting in the same block of seats as you.

    I also went to the Six of the Best Milton Keynes show. I got so wet and cold during the day that when the train arrived at Birmingham New Street my legs had locked into position and I had to be helped off the train like an old man.

    I’ve been dipping into Simon Peggs’ autobiography and in the chapter I read last night he described his theory (quantum attraction he calls it) about how you often cross paths with the people you later work with (or become friends with) many years before properly meeting them.

  3. Six of the Best was incredibly cold. Muddy and freezing cold.

    John Martyn, Talk Talk, The Blues Band and of course Genesis.

    Gabriel was carried on in a coffin. Rael resurrected!

    I bought a cassette bootleg of the gig many years later from a stall at the Lizard Eclipse festival. I played it when I got home and someone close to the bootlegger and their microphone in the audience makes a complimentary comment about Tony Banks. I remember hearing the person say the same comment at the actual gig!

    Or... at least ... I think I remember them saying it. I guess I could have heard a copy of the bootleg at some point and forgotten about it. But it fits in nicely with your quantum attraction reference.

    Wouldn't it be funny if either the bootleg or the fans comment was made by Simon Pegg! Ha ha!


  4. Watched a documentary on Genesis this evening, the whole way through I just thought of you Dave.

    Hope your well

  5. Hi David,
    We met last night at the open evening with Chris my son, I look up your bands albums , very impressive, I new I'd heard of the band.
    Thanks for last night your help with my son was much appreciated.

    Hope to speak with you again Dave (the hifi nut)